On Site Concrete Mixer Services

At Titan Concrete, our main purpose is to provide customers with professional, efficient, and friendly concrete services, no matter the size of their projects. We supply On Site concrete mixer services to customers across the North East of England, including Newcastle upon Tyne. No matter if your project requires just a little or a lot of concrete, we can supply it for you, thanks to our fleet of volumetric mixers. Our drivers are all well-trained, professional and we can provide night deliveries if arranged in advance.

We recognize that various tasks need different types of ready-mix concrete, and our trucks are equipped to deliver a wide range of concrete mixtures to meet nearly any need. Our company offers a more personalised service than more traditional concrete mixers, allowing us to be more flexible to your specific needs, saving you money and reducing potential waste with our on-site service.

The fact that we use volumetric concrete trucks at Titan Concrete, allows us to offer customers advantages such as:

  •         Minimum delivery starting at 0.5m3
  •         Concrete Barrowing service
  •         Ability to modify mixture at the time of pour
  •         Fresh, ready-mix concrete
  •         Evening or night delivery upon prior arrangement
  •         Delivery tracking services

Why Titan Concrete is the answer to your construction project

Titan Concrete has worked with customers in the North East region for many years, providing expert ready mix concrete supply and delivery for a variety of projects ranging from modest residential to large-scale commercial. We accept jobs of any size, and you can rely on our specialists for personalised guidance.

We use our on site concrete mixer to provide the exact quantity of concrete that you need for your project, ensuring there are little to no leftovers to deal with afterwards and that you pay for the exact amount you need. And, because we do everything on site, there is no risk of premature concrete stiffening, which can sometimes happen for mixtures done on the road.

This technique also allows for great flexibility, as you can alternate between different types of concrete that are going to be mixed on-site. This way, you won’t have to search for different suppliers to provide different concrete mixtures. Everything will be done at your location, allowing for maximum efficiency, precise budgeting, and practicality.

Contact the experts at Titan Concrete today

We have years of experience in the field, making use of our volumetrics concrete lorry to eliminate any guesswork from the process, allowing our clients to receive what they need fast and effortlessly. We serve the whole North East region, so you can depend on us to provide high-quality concrete no matter where you are. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries!

Are you looking for a price or more information about our concrete solutions? Does your building project require expert concrete materials? Get in touch with us and request a no-cost, no-obligation quote right now.

Just a few of the areas that we supply and delivery concrete to around the North East are:

-        Newcastle                          - Durham                            - Sunderland                      - Middlesbrough

-        Birtley                                 - Darlington                       - Gateshead                       - Hartlepool