Concrete Mixer Company in the North East

Titan Concrete has an expanding fleet of volumetric mixers, prepared to supply ready-mix concrete throughout the North East in the UK. Depending on the amount of premixed concrete required, each of our trucks can handle an approximate 9m3 load.

Rapid on-the-spot mixing is now possible thanks to our volumetric mixers. From compact residential projects to industrial-scale commercial development projects, we can deliver any volume of concrete to your construction site.

We recognise that different projects have different concrete requirements. This is why our specialised service allows you to get varied types of concrete in one delivery, which saves you time and money. This is possible because the concrete is mixed on site, meaning you can control the volume and quality of concrete on the spot, paying only for what you need.

Commercial concrete services

Large commercial projects have particular needs, but worry not because the team of experts at Titan Concrete is ready to assist you. By working with us, you partner with a concrete mixer company that offers complete solutions.

Need multiple types of concrete for your project? We can supply it all in one load because our concrete is mixed at the exact time that you need it. This way, you can obtain different consistencies and use the exact type of concrete you need for your project.

No leftovers, no waste, and no extra costs – you pay for the concrete you need and use, making sure every penny is well-invested.

Among the type of commercial projects our company can supply for, are:

  •         Foundations
  •         Paths and driveways
  •         Paving
  •         Flat work
  •         Spread footing
  •         Tilt wall

Residential concrete services

No matter the size of your residential project, you can count on us to deliver the exact type and amount of concrete you need. We understand you want only the best for your home, which is why we strive to provide our customers with the North East’s leading solutions at the most competitive prices.

Our concrete solutions are suited for any type of residential project, including:

  •         House foundations and foundation piers
  •         Paths and patios
  •         Driveways and paving

Why should I choose Titan Concrete?

If you are in need of concrete for your project in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, or anywhere in the North East then look no further than Titan Concrete.

Don't know how much concrete you need? Use our free concrete calculator or contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

As the leading local Concrete Mixer Company we supply all of the North East UK including:

-        Newcastle upon Tyne     - Durham                            - Sunderland                      - Middlesbrough

-        Birtley                                 - Darlington                       - Gateshead                       - Hartlepool